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Who's Hiring hits New Zealand

8 June 2007

Engage is pleased to announce a new service for employers.

Who’s Hiring is not a traditional job board. Rather than simply listing vacancies, Who’s Hiring ( allows employers to showcase their employment brand and employee value proposition (EVP) to jobseekers.  What’s more, the website drives jobseekers directly to the vacancy pages on employers’ websites. 




Engage came across the Who’s Hiring concept earlier this year and was attracted by the simplicity of the original Australian site and its success.  First established in March 2006, now lists over 400 employers, recruitment agencies, career specialists and training providers.  Some of Australia’s largest and highest profile brands have selected Who’s Hiring as a key tool in their employment branding and candidate sourcing strategies.  Many of the listed organisations have experienced an increase of up to 70% in traffic to their own vacancies pages.  A mix of multi-media and online promotion attracts on average 45,000 unique visits per month to Who’s Hiring in Australia.

Who's Hiring fills a gap in the marketplace.  Jobseekers in NZ’s tight talent market are becoming more discerning about who they want to work for.  Who's Hiring provides a one-stop shop for both active and passive jobseekers.  The site also provides jobseekers with information and links to a variety of recruitment agencies, career specialists and training providers that can assist in their career planning and job search.

Who’s Hiring aims to complement rather than compete with job boards, which are an important sourcing strategy used by organisations and jobseekers.  But as organisations are developing well-branded careers sites and becoming the ambassadors of their own brand, it makes sense to connect jobseekers directly with employers.

Who’s Hiring is being promoted through a mix of multi-media and online promotion methods.  Over time the site will develop more features to help employers showcase their employment brand, including those that make the most of emerging media.

To showcase your brand or to request an Advertisers' Kit please contact Engage or send us an email.