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»Unveiling Tribe HQ

Unveiling TribeHQ

4 December 2008

People by their very nature are tribal. We congregate. Group membership is a big part of our lives – family, school, sport, work, clubs, politics, religion, the place in which we live, etc. Within each of our tribes, we form a close collection of allies. We unite with people who share our interests and beliefs. This is not a new phenomenon; according to the history books it has been like this since the dawn of civilisation.

Engage is very excited to provide an early, somewhat limited, glimpse at TribeHQ, a project we have been involved in developing for a good chunk of 2008. Engage will become a partner company. We have worked with an awesome team (tribe) of local Wellington businesses to get the project very close to the final prototype stage.

So what is TribeHQ?

In the product development we aimed to innovate at all costs. We are keeping a lot of this under wraps for now and are not quite ready to run the press releases just yet. We plan to partner with other business, so you may hear from us in due course.

Here’s a bit of a taste of what TribeHQ is in the meantime:

This is just a start! Our plans for 2009 are ambitious and this is only the beginning of a broader product offering for tribe members, industry, and employers.

Stay tuned …